• B is for Budgets - An overview of the best budget strategies to help you get intentional with your money! Part 2 of our ABCs of Intentional Finance Series

    B is for Better Budgets

    You know you need a budget, right? Like, for real, I want you to win with your money, to say goodbye to money stress, and the BEST way you can do that is setting up a budget. If you have…

  • A is for Apps - A list of apps that will help you be intentional with your finances! Part 1 of our ABCs of Intentional Finance Series

    A is for Apps, Apps, and more Apps

    In the age of technology, it makes sense that we use the apps and websites available to keep organized, motivated, and moving forward with our goals. But, if you are anything like me, figuring out WHICH apps are best can…

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